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Getting Started in Fly Fishing?


Low pressure fishing and learning.

Spend a day with a guide in an environment that fits your pace. It’s great for those learning to cast and getting fish to bite. This is a great way to help a new angler catch fish on the fly rod and leave excited for their next fly fishing adventure!

Two trips that are great for beginners to take their first steps in the sport of fly fishing.

Hands-on Beginner Trips

Spend a day learning the basics of fly fishing in a one-on-one environment with one of our guides. This is a customized experience to your liking and goals in the sport. Whether it's location or fish, we'd like to help you get started with our beginner trips. So sit back, let us do the heavy lifting and get ready to have some fish on!

Cost: $425.00

Recommended Gear: None. We have everything you need covered. Waders not necessary.

Dates: Year Round


Clear Fork

Fish close to home in Columbus, Ohio. This gives new anglers a great experience catching Rainbow Trout without traveling long distances. Learn about the flies, the fish and get hands-on practice catching trout with one of our guides.

Cost: $425.00

Recommended Gear: None. We have everything you need covered except waders.

Dates: Seasonal (November - May)

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